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On Friday 31 August 2012, the Kunsthalle Zürich, one of the world’s leading contemporary art institutions, will officially open its doors to the public in its new permanent home in the Löwenbräukunst complex in Zürich. To mark the reopening, the Kunsthalle Zürich presents two solo exhibitions by Wolfgang Tillmans and Helen Marten. A launch press conference will be held on Friday 31 August at 11 am. The official opening of the exhibitions at the Löwenbräukunst will be held between 6–9 pm that evening, followed by a summer party in the courtyard.

The first exhibition, of the work of Wolfgang Tillmans, is a reunion with an artist who presented his first institutional exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zürich in 1995. Since then, Wolfgang Tillmans (born in Remscheid, Germany in 1968, lives and works in Berlin and London) has tested and expanded the possibilities of photography in varied ways through his photographic and video works. Along with his latest abstract pieces, the exhibition «Neue Welt» («New World») presents photographs from the artist’s new group of works of the same name which were created over the course of numerous journeys. They are here collected for the first time in a comprehensive show.

The second solo exhibition to launch the Kunsthalle Zurich is dedicated to the work of British artist Helen Marten (born in 1985 in Macclesfield, lives and works in London). In her first institutional exhibition, entitled «Almost the exact shape of Florida», Marten has created a new group of works which interweave the diversity of her oeuvre in terms of media – from sculptures to wall pieces and floor works – in an expansive installation.

The exhibitions have been curated by the Kunsthalle Zurich’s Director, Beatrix Ruf, who has confirmed the institution as a key force for emerging artists and established names.

The space occupied by the Kunsthalle Zürich at the Löwenbräukunst complex has been completely restructured. An intermediate floor has been added to two of the existing exhibition spaces to provide space for a public library, offices, meeting rooms, an archive and workshops. A white cube on top of the building creates a supplementary floor and provides a marker to draw attention to the Kunsthalle Zürich’s presence in the complex.

The Löwenbräukunst, which also houses the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst and a number of international leading galleries, has undergone a major renovation and redevelopment. The architects of the project are Gigon/Guyer Architects and Atelier ww. Gigon/Guyer is best known for the Kirchner Museum, Davos (1992), the Sports Centre, Davos (1996), the Museum Liner, Appenzell (1996) and the recently completed Prime Tower in Zurich (2011).

With a new space fit for its role as a litmus test for contemporary art, the Kunsthalle Zürich now has the opportunity to present important new artists to their best advantage. Beatrix Ruf, Director of the Kunsthalle Zürich, said: “I am absolutely delighted that we will be opening our new space in the Löwenbräukunst by 31 August It promises to give the Kunsthalle Zürich an exciting future and will enable us to extend our programme and improve our facilities for the benefit of our visitors.”

 31 August                                   Official reopening of Kunsthalle Zürich and Löwenbräukunst complex
01  September –                          
Wolfgang Tillmans «Neue Welt» and 04 November  
                              Helen Marten «Almost the exact shape of Florida»
16 November                               Opening: Sturtevant «Image over Image»
17 November –                            
Sturtevant «Image over Image» 20 January 2013                         The exhibition is produced by Moderna Museet
                                                      Stockholm in collaboration with Kunsthalle
                                                      Zürich. Curators: Fredrik Liew and Beatrix Ruf.

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