vineri, 5 iunie 2009

No plans for summer yet? Head to Athens!

Architect Nikos Ktenas is organizing an International Architecture Workshop in Athens, Greece this summer from July 22nd to August 2nd.
It is titled: Beyond History, contremporary transformations.

Seven sites have been chosen for the purposes of this workshop, located between the ancient and the 19th century areas of the city center. These sites have diverse characteristics due to their location, ranging from residual areas within the consolidated urban fabric, to areas in direct relation with the geological formations in the center of the urban environment of the city.

The objective of the workshop is to attribute an identity and scale to these sites and to inquire through the design process, their hidden potential.

Nikos has assembled architects friends from all over Europe to teach and lead the workshops. Here’s a list:

From Lisbon: M & F Aires Mateus and Jorge P. Silva
From Torino: Pierre Alain Croset
From Palermo: Marcello Panzarella
From Paris: Michel Kagan and Nathalie Régnier
From Athens: Nikos Ktenàs
From Rome: Simona de Giuli and Antonello Monaco
From Siracusa: Bruno Messina and Luigi Pellegrino
From Volos: Zissis Kotionis
From Sevilla: Antonio Tejedor and Mercedes Linares

Among the lecturing guests are:

From Lisbon: João Luís Carrilho da Graça
From Milan: Antonio Citterio
From Lugano: Aurelio Galfetti
From Rome: Franco Purini

The workshop is open to young professionals and students in the last years of their studies. There is a maximum attendance of approximately 100 persons, so act fast if you’re interested.

For more information contact Simona de Giuli at
Or see the website

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