marți, 9 iunie 2009

Hotel Planning Feng Shui in Lipscani

Wednesday July 29th till Sunday August 2nd Howard Choy (China/Australia) and Gyda Anders (Germany) will be in Bucharest to held the 5-day workshop

Hotel Planning Feng Shui in Lipscani. They are both architects working from a Feng Shui perspective (Considering all factors like the history of the place, former/future function, the type of person(s) that will occupy the space, the directions (N/S/W/E) etc. Besides using the best natural materials).

This is a great opportunity for Romanian/Bucharest' architects to work with these 2 very experienced professionals (>35 years) on a project (building in str.Covaci) for 5 days. It will not be a lecture, Howard and Gyda will explain Feng Shui theory that can be tested/applied in a case study within these 5 days.

They are both down to earth, work as architects in Berlin and Sydney, teach in Australia, Italy, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

To have an idea you could have a look at the interview:

Feng Shui architecture is not a 'style' (as many people seem to think), it can be modern or traditional, the material used might be glass, metal or wood, it can be one store or ten etc. It depends, among other factors, on the location, the people, the function.

Also see their website:

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