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Jour mondial de l'architecture 2009 / World Day of Architecture 2009

The International Union of Architects (UIA) announces the 2009 World
Day of Architecture:


L'union Internationale des architectes (UIA) annonce le thème du Jour
mondial de l'architecture 2009 :

L'ENERGIE DE L'ARCHITECTE FACE AUX CRISES PLANETAIRES. / Architect's energy versus global crisis

The Council of the International Union of Architects, meeting in San José (Costa Rica) on 15 – 16 February 2009, adopted the following theme for the 2009 World Day of Architecture: Architects’ Energy versus Global Crises.

By vocation and through the nature of the profession, architects are called upon to carry out a holistic mission based on their technical, cultural, economic, and social qualifications. The architect must make individual, communal and collective decisions in these areas at every step: from design to execution, maintenance, and recycling. The accomplishment and success of an architectural realisation depends upon the energy the architect breathes into each of these stages and relations with his/her partners. No matter the scale or nature of the project, the architect is the motor that drives this complex machinery.

Each new project sets up new hypotheses: new client, new site, new climatic conditions, new programme, new budget, new users. Developing pertinent solutions to entirely new situations is the daily task of the professional architect.

Today, the world is experiencing unprecedented and simultaneous crises: environmental, climatic, financial and social, which force us to urgently reconsider a number of parameters in each sector and to find innovative answers. This is an opportunity for architects to show their aptitude to lead the struggle, using the crises as a springboard for developing new technical, environmental, social, economic and aesthetic solutions.

To celebrate the 2009 World Day of Architecture, all UIA Member Sections are invited to present local and national projects that demonstrate the energy architects are expending to alleviate the planetary crises, and the architectural and urban solutions they have developed.

The WDA is traditionally organised on the first Monday of October each year which is 5th October in 2009.

So that each Section can commemorate the theme according to its own calendar of architectural manifestations, the UIA Council suggested that this theme could be used throughout the year for architectural celebrations organised by the Member Sections.

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