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Now at its fourth edition, the Masters in Landscape Architecture held in Milan by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona) and ACMA Centre of Architecture (Milan) is considered one of the major European training experiences. Thanks to the innovative teaching structure based on modules of 50 hours and multiples thereof, it is possible to complete this training within eighteen months only. The planning laboratories, seminars and workshops organised in Milan as well as in other European regions, are led by interpreters of the most relevant international experiences. They deal with current issues in landscape architecture (environmental sustainability, renewable energy, public space, etc.), identified in collaboration with local and national administrations, in addition to prominent international bodies in charge of landscape protection and valorisation. After attendance of the second level university Masters (1500 hours of which 750 face-to-face, 60 Italian CFU credits/75 ECTS) or of the single modules, equivalent to those organised from 1983 in Catalonia, the UPC Foundation of Barcelona will award a title which is recognised by EFLA. For the current year, ACMA has activated scholarships for enrolments to the Masters and the Continuing Education Courses of the UPC Foundation. Please visit the website for further information with regards to the announcement of regional grants which cover the registration cost (Region of Sardinia, Region of Puglia).

Directors: Jordi Bellmunt (Barcelona) João Nunes (Lisbon) Antonio Angelillo (Milan)

Venues of the activities: Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon

Information and enrolment:

ACMA Centro Italiano di Architettura, Via Conte Rosso, 34 – Zona Ventura I – 20134 Milan

Tel: +39 0270639293 Mob. +39 333 7567795 Fax: +39 0270639761

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