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Award-Winning Arkhefield Architects Introduce A Modern Flair for Retirement

The Village at Yeronga

Yeronga , Queensland , Australia

Designed by: Arkhefield (

Owner: Village Retirement Group (

Completed: 2009

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A Modern Flair for Retirement

The Village at Yeronga is the master planned and integrated retirement village development located in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Yeronga on a 28,000m2 site previously occupied for light industrial building use. The site is surrounded by cricket, rugby, Australian Rules football and soccer sporting fields, providing an ideal backdrop for the retirement village.

The first two stages of the village have now been completed comprising 91 independent living apartments and associated community facilities. On completion of all stages this medium density project will house 240 independent living apartments, 60 assisted living apartments and a 110 bed full aged care nursing home facility. This integrated retirement project is designed to respond to the Australian Government’s “Ageing in Place” policy which encourages developments to cater for all three levels of care (i.e. independent, assisted and aged care) within the one facility.

The project is the development vision of Justin Harrison, CEO of the Village Retirement Group, and was designed by Arkhefield Architects. The project represents a major shift in thinking from most retirement properties found in Australian cities which are predominantly located in the outskirts of the city in low rise developments, meaning most retirees have to leave their neighbourhood as well as family, friends and other support networks. By housing these retirees in higher density inner city projects, residents are able to stay close to family and friends within their neighbourhood.

“The village provides residents a relaxed, welcoming living environment within a parkland setting whilst enjoying the benefits of being part of a vibrant village community, safe in the knowledge that there are a variety of accommodation types able to cater for their changing future needs,” Harrison explains.

Several Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) principles have been incorporated into the village at Yeronga design. With Australia being the driest continent in the world the buildings utilise rainwater harvesting for the irrigation of all landscaped common areas. Drought tolerant plant species are also used extensively throughout the landscaping to minimise watering requirements.

With Brisbane ’s subtropical climate, summer is the dominant thermal design performance requirement therefore the use of passive solar energy design played a significant role in the design and orientation of the buildings within the master plan. From the master plan layout through to the individual building designs solar orientation was a key driver for the building layouts as well as the extensive use of sun shading devices to all window elements.

The sustainability program extends through to the interiors with the use of low energy light fittings, five star energy rated appliances and low water use plumbing fixtures. All apartments are equipped with fibre optic telecommunications, internet and pay TV capabilities. The interior design features the use of reconstituted stone finishes as well as the extensive use of Australian Spotted Gum hardwood which is a sustainable regrowth forest timber. Being a hardwood also enabled the architects to use this timber in external applications.

The buildings were constructed predominantly in precast concrete which was chosen for its long term low maintenance properties. The building uses different panel colours to assist the elderly residents to find their way within the project, such as the strong ochre colour which is used to accentuate the building entry points.

The feature of the building is undoubtedly the resort style communal facilities provided within the development. These facilities include a fully equipped commercial kitchen and restaurant for residents and their visitors, cinema, club lounge and bar, library, lobby lounge and café, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, beauty salon and wellness centre, billiards room, medical centre and administration. These facilities also assist the residents in building valuable social networks within the retirement village community.

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