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International Competition - HOUSE OF ARTS AND CULTURE IN BEIRUT

During the UIA General Assembly in Turin, in July 2008, the Lebanese Minister for Culture, Mr. Tarek Mitri, launched the international competition for the design of the House of Arts and Culture in Beirut. Located in the Ghalghoul neighbourhood sorely affected by the conflicts, the new dynamic and interactive edifice, will offer a vast range of spaces devoted to creativity, exchange, debate, education and cultural diffusion for all publics and all generations.

The international jury met in Beirut from 16 to 21 March 2009 and examined 388 projects.

Under the presidency of Turkish architect Suha Ozkan, it was composed as follows: Frederic Husseini, Director of Lebanese Antiquities, Said El Barashdi, representing the Sultanate of Oman, Angus Gavin, representing SOLIDERE, Okwui Enwezor (Nigeria), Vice-President of the San Francisco Art Institute, and architects: Assem Salam, representing the Orders of Engineers and Architects of Lebanon, Magda Hosam Eldin Mostafa, (Egypt) UIA representative, Momoyo Kaijima (Japan), Izaskun Chinchilla (Spain). Laszlo Foldes, architect, (Hungary) and Mozart Chahine, musicologist, (Lebanon)sat as deputy jurors.

The jury appreciated the sensitive approach of the Milanese team, the idea of designing the building as a public plaza, as a “non-building”, and its integration in the urban fabric thus achieving one of the important objectives of the programme: the engagement of the public realm.

1st prize: Alberto Catalano, team leader, with Giulia Lurcotta, Barbarangelo Licheri, Daniel Piludu, Celestino Sanna, Mariangela Murgia, Emanuela Forcolini, Souraya Frem (Milan, Italy)
2nd prize: Beatriz Ramo López de Angulo, team leader, with Simone de Lacobis, Iñigo Paniego de la Cuesta, Jean-Vianney Deleersnyder (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
3rd prize: “Project Meganom” - Yuri Grigorian, Natalia Tatunashvili, Tatiana Kornienko, Yuri Kuznezov, Elena Uglovskaya, Irina Livieva, Artem Staborovskiy, Ruben Grigoryan
(Moscow, Russia)


• Dorell, Ghotmeh, Tane (Paris, France)
• Spiridon Kakavas, Dimitris Giannis, Eleni Klonizaki (Athens, Greece)
• Polymur Ltd - Chris Yoo (London, United Kingdom)
• Format 21 - Gerd Röschke (Francfort, Germany)
• Atelier 2/3/4 - Jean François Patte, Emilie Sopena, Sylvain Rety, Elie Marçais (Paris, France)
• Bernd Upmeyer (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
• INCH - Roberto Otero Arbide (Mexico city & Madrid, Spain)
• KAPUTT! - Rita Ferreira, Kirill de Lancastre Jedenov, Sérgio Antunes, Irene Bonacchi, Ana Brütt, Sofia Reis Couto, Filipe Moreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

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