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UPC / ACMA MILAN 2008-2009

The Master on Landscape Architecture and the Continuous Professional Training Courses organized in Milan by ACMA and UPC, developed in Barcelona since 1983 by the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, are some of the most qualified European formative programs on the field. The qualification is admitted by EFLA. The task of the II grade Master (1500 hours, 750 of which are frontal lessons) consists in reaching the European standard of training for landscape architects in conformity with the parameters established by the association in order to homologate and certificate the professional activities of the field in the E.U. Attendance to the single modules (planning workshops, seminars, travels, meetings, itineraries, etc) implies the release of post-graduation certificates by the UPC of Barcelona, spendable in the master program too.

Management Jordi Bellmunt (Barcelona), Joao Nunes (Lisbon), Antonio Angelillo (Milan).

ACMA Centro di Architettura
via Antonio Grossich 16, 20131 Milano
Tel. +39 02.70639293 Fax.+39 02. 70639761

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