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Multipurpose, retractable spectator seating from Waagner-Biro Stage Systems

Waagner-Biro AG

Zagreb’s newest landmark, the city’s imposing multifunctional arena, was completed in just 15 months and on February 1, 2009, will be provided with an appropriate kick-off by the final of the World Handball Championships. The heart of the arena is formed by multifunctional, retractable spectator seating, which was designed and installed by Waagner-Biro Stage Systems AG in record time.

The new multifunctional arena can accommodate 15,000-20,000 spectators, approximately 4,500 of whom can be accommodated on the retractable seating developed by Waagner-Biro Stage Systems.

Once again Waagner-Biro, an internationally operating company based in Vienna, has demonstrated its competence with a convincing and innovative solution of the highest quality. The seating can be extended in differing forms and thus offers a diversity of configurations and uses, which include everything from indoor sporting occasions and rock concerts, to corporate events.

In order to meet the esthetical requirements of the architects, Waagner-Biro had to meet especially stringent demands with regard to the employment of ergonomically formed, design seats in the stand system. A further major challenge was posed by the installation of a special seating block with a height of over 8.5m and a depth of 26 rows with integrated transverse aisles, which also had to offer the possibility of intermediate positioning. 60m-long seating blocks can be quickly run out and in along the side-walls of the arena and this guarantees the rapid adjustment of the functionality and capacity of the arena to the requirements of the respective, individual event.

In addition to the fulfilment of the strictest stipulations regarding quality, stability and adherence to safety regulations, a special focus was placed on detailed planning and product finishing. Under enormous time pressure, the entire system was installed, put into operation and handed over to the complete satisfaction of the customer in less than ten weeks.

Following the prestigious contract for the O2 World in Berlin, the Zagreb Arena is a further Waagner-Biro Stage Systems’ reference project in the field of innovative, multifunctional retractable seating systems for highly modern stadiums. Indeed, the company has again excelled itself, not only with regard to the provision of a brilliant technical solution, but also its smooth realisation. In the words of the project manager from INGRA, the Croatian company that built the arena, «Waagner-Biro did a really perfect job!»

Waagner-Biro AG

Waagner-Biro AG

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