miercuri, 3 decembrie 2008


Based on an in-depth analysis, the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to relaunch the tender process for the construction works for the ECB’s new premises in Frankfurt am Main, with around 15 distinct invitations to tender due to be issued in the course of 2009.

New invitations to tender will be issued for the construction works with a view to enhancing competition for the project. At the end of 2009, on the basis of the results of the tender process, the Governing Council will decide whether or not to proceed with the project. If confirmation is granted, construction works on the site of the former Grossmarkthalle will then continue in 2010, with finalisation of the new premises foreseen for the beginning of 2014.

The ECB remains fully committed to adhering to the initially estimated building costs of around €500 million (at 2005 constant prices) for its new premises designed by the Viennese architecture office COOP HIMMELB(L)AU.

The architects and planners will commence the execution planning in January 2009. In parallel, a procurement for the overall construction management will start.

Further details regarding the new ECB premises can be found on the ECB’s website at http://www.ecb.europa.eu/ecb/premises. The various invitations to tender will also be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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