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The State Society for Cultural Commemorations, under the aegis of the Spanish Ministry of Culture, presents 2008 CULTURAS, the Exhibition and Awards for the Intercultural Dialogue of Short Films, Music, Photography, Video Art and, an event celebrating the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. This competition was conceived for the purpose of highlighting the aspects, concepts, themes, ideas and problems inherent in dialogue between cultures from the creators’ point of view. The Ministry of Culture will invite other international institutions to join in this initiative.

1. THEMES The creations must respond to at least one of the 5 themes selected by the curators, which are as follows: - BORDERS. A walled world - JOURNEYS. In search of paradise - LANGUAGES. Zeros and ones - COORDINATES. Stages of change - MARKED. Star and stigma

2. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE Creators of any age from around the world can participate in 2008 CULTURAS.

3. SUBMISSION OF PIECES TO THE COMPETITION Pieces will be submitted via the web page Each participant may present as many pieces as he or she wishes within any of the five selected themes and formats described below. The piece must have been made directly by the creator, who must own all rights on the same without any restrictions or limitations.

4. SUBMISSION TIMELINE Pieces may be submitted from 15 November 2007 to 31 March 2008, both dates included.

5. REGISTRATION FORM The registration form that must be filled out by participants can be found on the web page. All fields are mandatory. If the piece was created by more than one person, each creator must include their fiscal identification number, national identity document or passport number and indicate their respective degrees of participation.

6. FORMAT OF THE PIECES The works presented can be in any free adaptation of the following formats or a combination of them: - Audio: Mp3 files in folders of up to 10 MB with a maximum length of 6 minutes. - Photography: saved for web JPG format. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 interrelated photographs must be sent, respecting the dimensions and sizes specified on the registration form. - Web programming: a link leading to a view of the piece submitted to the contest. - Audiovisual: FLV files up to 10 MB with a maximum length of 3 minutes. In addition to the piece presented, participants must also send an image that will serve as its symbol and visual presentation on the web page. The image must be no large than 25 KB and measure 89 x 89 pixels.

7. SELECTION PROCESS The process for selecting the pieces presented to the competition is as follows:
1. Accepted pieces The pieces will be selected as they are received and posted on the web page, and in the process all participants will be notified if their pieces are admitted to competition or not. The organisation reserves the right to refuse to accept and/or exhibit online those pieces that, in its estimation, do not comply with the established rules, are not of sufficient quality or attack the basic values of harmonious social coexistence.
2. Awarded pieces After the submission deadline has passed, the jury will assess all pieces submitted and choose the winners of 2008 CULTURAS.

8. AWARDS The jury will award a total of 60,000 € in cash prizes, which will be divided in the following manner: - Five first prizes, one for each of the proposed themes, divided as follows: - One grand prize of 12,000 euros. - Four first prizes of 6,000 euros each. - Ten second prizes, two per theme, each with a cash endowment of 2,000 €. - Ten honourable mentions, two per theme, with no cash reward. - Special Penitentiary Institutions and Services of Spain Prize with a cash endowment of 2,000 €. - Special Spanish Youth Council Prize with a cash endowment of 2,000 €. The prize money shall be subject to the corresponding tax withholdings. Every creator of a prize-winning piece will receive a certifying diploma from the 2008 CULTURAS programme granted by the State Society for Cultural Commemorations (SECC). During the course of the competition, new awards may be created with endowments from other institutions or sponsors.

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