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Following the success of the first Toolkit Festival in 2011, the organizing committee has decided to put out a Call for Submissions to make the selection of artists for the 2012 edition.
Toolkit Festival is a project conceived by Martin Romeo, who in a short time has garnered attention and success within the arts community on a national level, involving many institutions and professionals in the field of new media art. The festival will be held in Venice and hosted by AplusA | Slovenian Exhibition Centre and collateral spaces, May 3-4-5, 2012.
Toolkit Festival aims to bring public attention to new media art and its ability to investigate, research and experiment under the umbrella of interactivity.
The Festival aims to highlight the wide range of expressive possibilities offered through interactive art; a contemporary approach that transcends genres as it opens itself to sounds, visuals, and performance mediated through technology. The Festival will provide learning opportunities through workshops, and will be accompanied by an exhibition schedule that will allow the public to participate in and witness major research in progress on the edge of new media art.
Summary of the objectives:
• Enhancement of experimental media through technological platforms.
• Advancing public knowledge of computer languages and programming through unveiling the process
work of art works.
• Promoting the work of young artists who are engaged in the research of new technologies in the realm of
The title for the 2012 installment of the Toolkit Festival is Reactive Systems, in reference to the processes that work on levels beyond the tangible final product. The intent is to showcase the pathways that accompany the labour, projections and drafting that the artist produces during the creation of the work. These internalized or hidden structures are asked to be presented alongside the final displayed artwork.
Permissible formats include: Installation, A/V Performance, Live Media, and all works that investigate and produce – with the aid of technology – the theme of interactivity between artist, viewer and exhibition space.
Participation is free and open to artists of all nationalities, aged between 20 and 35 years on the closing date of this notice.
You can participate in groups assigning an individual to act as group leader.
No participant can be part of multiple groups simultaneously, otherwise resulting in the exclusion of the individual and all groups associated.
Each participant may submit only one work.
Submissions must be made exclusively online via the official website of the Festival (www.toolkitfestival.com).
The participant, or group leader, must correctly complete all required fields on the form no later than March 25, 2012.
Each participant (or group leader) must submit:
• Personal data and document of identification (jpg – 250KB max)
• Abstract of CV / portfolio
• Personal website url
• Project proposal (details of the conceptual and artistic work, etc., 1500 characters max.)
• Details of media and/or duration
A confirmation email will be sent to the sender’s email address upon receipt of materials. It will not be possible to make any changes to the presentation, upload new material or replace any material that has already been uploaded.
Individuals who do not deliver the proper documentation and proposals in the manner and time specified in the invitation will be excluded from the competition.
Furthermore, the following individuals cannot enter the competition:
• members of the jury
• those who fail to meet the participation requirements specified in section 4
• those who have contributed to the drafting of the Call for Submissions
The official language of the competition is Italian. All participatory documentation must be presented in Italian and English. Failing to do so will result in exclusion from the competition.
All projects must be received by March 25, 2012.
Projects submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Participants will need to guarantee the originality and authorship of the submitted project. The list of selected projects will be published on the site www.toolkitfestival.com and communicated by press release no later than April 5, 2012.
Selected projects will remain available to the public for the duration of the festival, presented in one of the major exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Venice. The development and installation of the project will be at the expense of the participant(s).
To apply all sections of the registration form must be completed.
Any material submitted that is not in compliance with the rules and regulations will not be accepted.
Submitted work remains the copyright and intellectual property of the participant. By applying, participants give the organizers the right to publish and promote, in whole or in part, the submitted project without further notice or consent, and without paying any compensation to the participant.
For further information write to: toolkitfestival@gmail.com specifying the title of the Call for Submissions in the subject line. Until March 25, 2012 any questions regarding the Call for Submissions can be sent via e-mail to this email address.
The organizers reserve the right to cancel or suspend the competition for any reason, including causes beyond its control.
The organizers assume no liability for any delays or problems associated with technical difficulties or complications of any nature which prevent the uploading, receipt and evaluation of projects. We recommend that participants upload their project materials in advance of the expiration date to avoid any chance of overloading the system.
Delivery, shipping and return of the works is the responsibility of the participating artists and the organizers does not assume any responsibility for the transport and packaging of the materials. The organizers reserve the right to change the content of this Call for Submissions at any time, with adequate notice on the official website. Any competitor who will try to contact one or more members of the jury will be disqualified. By entering the competition, participants declare to accept all regulations of the Call for Submissions.
The initiative was realized with the contribution of Ca’ Foscari and with the collaboration of the A + A | Slovenian Exhibition Centre and Comune di Venezia – Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace.

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