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An untypical event in the world of architecture will take place on 25th November 2010.In Cracow, near the 6 Szczepański square in the SARP Gallery since this year one can visit abookshop run by a well-known architectural bran: On this day, at 6.00 p.m. we willgather to officially open the bookshop and to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the activity of the portal. Taking the opportunity, the Association of Architects in Cracow will present its
new book under the title "Architect beyond Architecture”. Many attractions will be provided in the programme of the meeting, such as: live music, food
and toasts, and, what will please most of our guests, one of the largest book lotteries in the history of architectural bookshops in Poland! Each guest will be given with a ticket allowing him to win books from the best publishers. They are permanent partners of and partners of opening the bookshop in the centre of Cracow. We can find many publishers like TASCHEN (Germany, Poland),
daab (Germany), DETAIL Magazine (Germany), Birkhauser (Germany), Actar (Spain), a+t (Spain),010 Publishers (the Netherlands) and Cracow Publisher Karakter who published Polish version ofZumhtor's bestseller „Thinking Architecture”. Over hundred prizes - from books and magazines to the
subscription of the DETAIL magazine worth several hundred zlotys founded on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this popular branch magazine.
Everyone who would like to be quest of this special event we kindly ask for e-mail to with name and firm. was formed on 22th October 2002. Established yet during studies of architecture it was to constitute a platform of learning this occupation via the Internet. The year was called with a specially chosen in this aim domain - After a very short period of time books and
magazines appeared on the sites of, while in 2006 the stationary bookshop at the Department of Architecture of Cracovian University of Technology.
As time flied both the portal - information part and most of all the bookshop became its founder's passion. Through years acquired the opinion of a very specialist bookshop - architecture, design and similar fields. Numerous contacts allow a permanent offering of the most interesting branch publications from Poland, Europe and the whole world.
On the initiative of the SARP in Cracow since 2010 the W-A Bookshop can be found in the centre of the city - in the Gallery of the Association of Polish Architects near 6 Szczepański square
Commercial business of bookshop is financing information webiste
Internet addresses: Association of Architects -, Website–, WA

Bookshop –
Short information:
Date: 25th of October 2010 roku (Thursday) at 6.00 p.m.
Place: Association of Architects Gallery & W-A Bookshop 6 Szczepanski square, Krakow
Invitations: for invited guests and e-mail to -
Main subject:
- Officiall opening ceremony of W-A Bookshop
- 8th anniversary of
- presentation of new book „Architect beyond Architecture”
Main Sponsor: Grupa BUMA
Sponsors: Multibank, Sobieslaw Zasada Import Win, Scandale Royal, Warsztat Stylu
Partners: TASCHEN, TMC ART / TOP MARK CENTRE, daab, Birkhauser, Actar, a+t, 010 Publishers,
Special Media Partners: Association of Polish Architects, Polish Architects Chamber, Association of
Landscape Architecture, OSSA, Polish Green Building Council, Junior Chamber International Krakow
World Media Partners: DETAIL Magazine (Germany), World Architecture Community (World), (Hungary), (Czech Republic), arhitext Arhitektura Design Arte (Romania)
Media Partners in Poland: Architektura-murator, Architektura&Biznes, ARCH, Archivolta,,
FTA, Autoportret,, Archimania, Green2, OFFICE & FACILITY

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