joi, 3 decembrie 2009

The architect Ricardo Bofill receives award De Sica in Italy

The Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill was awarded the Vittorio De Sica architecture prize from the President the of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, in a ceremony at the Quirinal Palace on the occasion of the National Day show in Italy.

These awards are given since 1975 to outstanding personalities from the arts, science and society, originally focused on the film world, they were initiated at the International Cinema Meetings in Sorrento.

In this category were awarded the Italian actors Claudio Bisio, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Luca Argentero, Antonio Albanese, Massimo Boldi, Ilaria Occhini and Jasmine Trinca, producers and directors Bini Alfredo Neri Parenti, Marco Pontecorvo, son of the legendary Gillo Pontecorvo.

Ricardo Bofill was awarded in the category of architecture, for his outstanding international career spanning more than 5 decades, while the prize for musicians went to the tenor Andrea Bocelli, the price for painting was for the Italian Enzo Cucchi and in dance, for the Russian dancer Maja Plisetskaya.

Also were awarded the writer Dacia Maraini (Literature), the actor, singer and composer Moni Ovadia (theatre) and the oncologist and ex health Italian minister Umberto Veronesi (science).

The jury also awarded the Italian-American television presenter Mike Bongiorno, died last September 8th, whose family received the award given to those kind of personalities.

In an interview with EFE, Ricardo Bofill said that this award is special for him, not only because of his passion for Italy but also because of the person who gave it to him. "I do not personally go to all the awards they give me, only those I like, and this one, given to me by President Napolitano, who now is an example of honesty and courage, is very special for me" Bofill said after the ceremony, and added that he and the head of Italian State have a relationship of "friendship" "for a long time." In fact, the Spanish architect had a word with Napolitano while accepting the award, where they remembered old times, Bofill said.

Bofill, whose mother was Italian and learned to speak this language as a child, confessed he is a fan of Italy, where he has built buildings in different cities like Florence, Bologna and Salerno, and also fan of their way of being, "very Mediterranean" , as in Catalonia, adding that residents of both territories are "cousins”.

The Spanish architect revealed that it is currently carrying out a project precisely in Salerno (southern Italy), and another nearby Naples, but did not specify what type of building concerned.

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