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Second Holcim Awards – Sustainable Construction 2008/2009

Zurich / Switzerland - June 1, 2009: How buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed and used has a critical impact on the planet.

The newly-published book Second Holcim Awards – Sustainable Construction 2008/2009 presents innovative approaches and integrated solutions that meet societal needs, address environmental performance and ecological footprints, and improve economic efficiency through a combination of lower resource and energy consumption as well as reduced maintenance and total lifecycle costs.

The 220-page large-format book commemorates the second cycle of the Holcim Awards, conducted by the Swiss-based Holcim Foundation. It features in-depth articles, photographic presentations and interviews on the 15 projects from all regions of the world that qualified for the Global Holcim Awards 2009, and project descriptions of all 52 projects that received Awards, Acknowledgement or "Next Generation" prizes in the five regional Holcim Awards competitions in 2008.

220 pages, 23,5 x 30 cm, English. ISBN 978-3-7266-0084-6. More information and downloads at http://www.holcimawards.org/publications. Copies for media reviews available on request: info@holcimfoundation.org.

Full text of book announcement and media contact (MS Word DOC):


Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction

Hagenholzstrasse 85
CH-8050 Zurich/Switzerland

Holcim Foundation and Holcim Awards – celebrating eco-friendly and
sustainable approaches from the building and construction industry

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