vineri, 22 mai 2009

PIÙ DESIGN PUÒ. The design of democracy, of society and of the city

"PIÙ DESIGN PUÒ. (lit. More Design Can) The design of democracy, of society and of the city" takes in Florence, Italy, on May 22 and 23, 2009.

The symposium is dedicated to the most interesting experiences in the field of political, social and urban communication as they were carried out by institutions around the world.

Curated by Andrea Rauch and Gianni Sinni, the symposium points out the importance of visual communication as a formidable instrument in the determination of society’s participative processes.

Among the guest speakers at the symposium ¬which will explore themes ranging from political graphics to electoral design, from governmental coordinated images to militant counter¬information, from urban graphic projects to accessible publishing- stands out Steven Heller, long-time art director at the New York Times, who will talk about the graphic strategy in Barack Obama’s election campaign.

The appointments are at 9:30 on Friday May 22 and at 10:30 am on the following day, when will take the public on a typographical bike tour around the historical center of Florence.

via Venti Settembre 84, 50129 Firenze, Italy ,

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