luni, 17 noiembrie 2008

The magnetic system – constructiv CLIC

Just put your faith in your play instinct…

Magnets join up the modular architecture system with soft cliks, transforming it from a simple display system into a fully-fledged shop, office and exhibiton system. The constructiv CLIC family of products includes connectors and rods that easily come together with a magnetic push-fit connection.

The user will be persuaded by the simple and self explanatory design principle, the beholder by the reduced aesthetics, and the designer by the vesatiliy in both the graphic and architectonic senses…

For both planners and users, the planning software “CLIC IT” provides a convenient means of developing complex spatial structures and visualizing them in three dimensions.

Akin Nalca Modular Spaces - Burkhardt Leitner constructiv Black Sea:

Akin Nalca Modular Spaces is the exclusive Black Sea Region distributor and manufacturer of Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv - Germany, and has been developing a Black Sea dealer network.

Burkhardt Leitner constructiv’s modular architectural systems are used for trade fair stands, museums, offices and public spaces.

The outstanding functionality of the architectural systems is based on their logical, selfexplanatory construction principles, ensuring ease of assembly. Burkhardt Leitner constructiv products have won more than 25 product design awards including the several prestigious Red Dot design awards. The product line includes constructiv CLIC, constructiv PILA, constructiv Pila Petite and constructiv PON.


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