miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2008

Andromeda expands in the US

Andromeda America Ltd., set up to consolidate Andromeda's sales on the American continent, has taken its first steps in a Liberty style building dating from the 1950s at 1560 Lenox Avenue.

The new company will be promoting and selling the artistic works of lighting produced in the Murano glassworks and has involved purchase of the building and creation of a special structure dedicated to marketing and trade.

The investment was justified by the positive results obtained during the last five years, with 2008 representing an extraordinary year with revenue at 30 September up by 70% on the same period of 2007.

These figures enable Andromeda to programme the transformation of their foreign presence into genuine companies, with consequent investment in their places of work. "The birth of Andromeda America", explains Gianluca Vecchi, Chairman of the company, "is an important step in a strategy which is leading us to grow ever more steadily and progressively, with the next milestone coming in February 2009 with the opening of Andromeda UK".

To confirm the correctness of the strategic choices made over the years, enabling the company to grow constantly in both quality and quantity, on 2 October, the prestigious Italian research centre Eurispes placed Andromeda among the Italy's 100 most innovative companies, including it in the 3rd Eurispes report on Italian Excellence.

The Report indicates and describes 100 successful company and business experiences. Among these, Andromeda is recognised for its ability to breathe new life into the ancient art of working Murano glass in the context of a modern company vision in terms of both organisation and management and the way it expresses a sense of modernity through its original interpretation of the aesthetic concepts.

Andromeda's aim and ambition is to become the partner and collaborator of all those wanting unique, original and luxury objects which can symbolise and express their personality and character.

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