miercuri, 30 iulie 2008


This workshop is part of the “Artis Web Workshop” association created by Stefan Bortnowsky and Serban Sturdza. Artis is an association that values craftsmanship as an “art of common sense“ and encourages the student’s creativity on these bases through workshops. It proposes the students to experience an advanced restoration methodology. Stefan Mansiulescu, teacher at the Ecole de Chaillot and chief architect of historical monuments in France, and Mihai Opreanu, architect and teacher at the Ion Mincu architecture faculty of Bucharest will be leading this workshop.This on-site investigation implies five stages. Through an accurate drawn releve, the students will be able to understand the analysed buildings, a VIIth century fortified farm [kula] and a traditional church. A critical analysis will then prepare for a building pathology and a diagnosis. These four steps will finally lead to the creation of a restoration proposition. Of course, an intense collective work will be needed in order to accomplish these five-step process in ten days. This workshop is a unique opportunity for a student to complete his learning by a practical experience no school can give him. It is also o social and cultural adventure that echoes to Europe’s “year of intercultural dialog”.
This workshop will take place in Curtisoara, Romania, from the 4th of august 2008 to the 14th. It represents a ten day full time collective work, two of them including didactical visits in the surroundings. The international team of students will gather together in accordance to the Puzzle national project for intercultural dialog financed by the European Commission and the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affaires. The financial participation requested is of 200 euros. This includes all the meals and the logistics needs. The student will bring with him his drawing material and measuring tool for the releve part.The accommodation is rustic since we stay in the Conac of the Village Museum of Curtisoara. The student must bring a sleeping bag [and a camp bed if he has one].The number of participants won’t exceed 20. A selection will thus be done according to an application form that must contain: a curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, a drawng and a sample of a project that represents most the student. All this must be sent by mail, in pdf format, to the following addresses: artisperitia@ gmail.com , bortnowski@clicknet .ro .
contact: artisperitia@ gmail.com

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