vineri, 18 aprilie 2008

Fire Safety of High-rise Buildings 2008

Lately, the city of Bucharest has become home to a growing number of projects for 45 m+ high buildings. According to the Romanian relevant legislation, such buildings fall into the category of
high-rise buildings.
Such type of buildings have emerged as a result of the need to achieve the urban reconstruction of Bucharest and make efficient use of relatively small tracts of land with a growing real estate value.
The above type of buildings has been a challenge to architecture and engineering specialists and to people involved in the process of issuing fire approvals for buildings. It is a difficult task to adapt the new construction solutions and the wide array of state -of-the-art building solutions introduced particularly by foreign investors with the Romanian technical regulations which are extremely rigid.
The need to adapt at fast pace the Romanian technical regulations with the relevant EU regulations, the need to exchange information efficiently in the field of procedure s, equipment, fire extinguishing machines used in high-rises, have prompted the Bucharest -based “Dealu Spirii Association” to kick off the project of an international conference with the theme “Fire Safety of High-rise Buildings”.
More than 200 (both Romanian and foreign) specialists are expected to take part in this event –professionals related to the field of fire departments, experts, project controllers in the field of fire security, designers, professors from engineering, installations, architecture/urban planning faculties, security & safety products manufacturers & suppliers, safety & security consultants, architects & building developers, systems & equipment installers, insurance institutes, civil services, members of relevant professional associations. The above event is scheduled to be held between May 7-9, 2008, the first 2 days will be dedicated to presentations of papers whilst the 3 rd day will be dedicated to field visits to some Bucharest high-rise buildings.
During the conference the accompanying persons may visit the most famous museums and historic monuments of Bucharest .

For further details on the registration fees and the full program of the Conference please visit

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