luni, 31 martie 2008

Schneider + Schumacher Win Competition for Expansion of Stadel Museum

FRANKFURT.-At the end of February 2008, an eight-member jury under its chair, architect Louisa Hutton, selected the winner of the architecture competition to expand the Städel Museum. The jury unanimously chose the design by the Frankfurt architectural office of schneider + schumacher. Second prize was shared by the Berlin architectural office of Kühn Malvezzi and the Zurich-based team of architects of Gigon/Guyer.

The occasion for the competition was the planned expansion of the Städel Museum by three thousand square meters of exhibition space and the repair of flaws to the existing museum building, which was originally built in 1878 and has been expanded in numerous stages since. The new expansion will be suited to the urban-planning context and take into account the building’s status as a historical landmark.

“We are quite content with the results of the competition, the prize winners, and especially the winning design by schneider + schumacher,” said Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Schweickart, the head of administration for the Städel Museum, “and are pleased that the Städel’s extension offers a forward-looking model that sets an example both for the respectful handing of history and for the collection’s strong contemporary relevance. We will proceed rapidly with the expansion and are currently expecting construction to begin in late 2008 or early 2009 and to be completed by the end of 2010.”

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