marți, 8 ianuarie 2008

Land & Landscape Series

Landscape + 100 words to inhabit it is a title that intends to present a condition of contemporary landscape by measuring it through a direct and immediate form: terms, definitions, ideas, microstories, short texts, notes. It is a collection of instant snaps rather than a complete critical and theoretical look at the subject.

It is a group of terms asked for and formulated by authors that are not only architects and landscape architects, but also urbanists, philosophers, critics, poets, geographers and writers. It is a collection of reflections that underlie aesthetic and cultural categories as much as technical-professional values and practices. It is a Tower of Babel of meanings, each having its specific characteristics, which, far from exhausting all the issues of a particular point, propose 'listening' to it from various multifaceted standpoints.

These concepts do not guide this book towards a definition of landscape but towards a search for the most suitable instruments for dealing with it.

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