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Fire Safety of High-rise Buildings - Conference

Conference Information

Conference main theme: Fire Safety of High-rise Buildings
May, 07 – 09, 2008, Bucharest, Romania

Conference venue: Novotel Bucharest City Center / Bucharest / Romania
Calea Victoriei – 37 B, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania


F.S.H.B. 1.1 Design concepts – Passive protection
F.S.H.B. 1.2 Design concepts – Active protection
F.S.H.B. 1.3 Design concepts – Active protection
F.S.H.B. 1.4 Fire risk management for high-rise buildings
F.S.H.B. 2.1 Rapid intervention procedures in high-rise buildings
F.S.H.B. 2.2 Individual safety equipment
F.S.H.B. 2.3 Firefighting equipment
F.S.H.B. 2.4 Post earthquake fires. Safety systems/specific equipment.

Papers that incorporate more than one topic regarding high-rise buildings shall be presented during the first part – keynote lectures. For questions concerning the conference FSHB 2008 please contact colonel Dr.Eng. Serban Sfarlos
Tel./ Fax. +4021 207 55 40 E-mail: fireprot33@yahoo.com
Mail address: O.P. 8; C.P.32, sector 4, 042320 - Bucuresti, Romania

Technical visits:
9.1 Parliament Palace – administrative building
9.2 Anchor Building – office building
9.3 Millennium Building – office building
9.4 CDG Building – office building

Visitor’s Profile:
Professionals related to the field of fire departments, experts, project controllers in the field of fire security, designers, professors from engineering, installations, architecture/urban planning
faculties, security & safety products manufacturers & suppliers, safety & security consultants, architects & building developers, systems & equipment installers, insurance institutes, civil services, members of relevant professional associations.

Official Language:
The official language of the Conference is English. During the opening ceremony, simultaneous interpretation for English and Romanian will by provided. The abstracts and papers will be written and presented in English.

15 January 2008: Deadline for early registration
15 January 2008: Deadline for submission of abstracts for oral presentation
03 March 2008: Authors notification

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